Thursday, April 3, 2008


Thank you everybody for what you did for me, I am touched by everyone’s comments.
Let me explain you what happened to me. 
The fire happened last Wednesday on April 2nd. That day I had my chemistry class. The fire started at 9:40 am (I heard that from the news), but the alarm only went off around 10:30 am. It's only at 10:35 that the police received the first phone call (I learned that the same night in the news too). The alarm lasted only few seconds, and then it stopped. Surprised, I went to look at the window to see if something was happening, but everything seemed to be fine. As I was walking to my bathroom to brush my teeth, I realized the power was out and some black smoke was coming out of the ventilation system. Quickly I opened my door and saw some black smoke in the whole corridor. At that time the fire alarm went off again, this time for good.
I rushed back inside my apartment grabbed the first pair of pants I found and packed up few important  things. First I grabbed my passport, and my visa as well. I also took my school bag, my Swissarmy watch, and my brand new laptop computer. I was surprised not to see anybody else coming out of their apartments. I went back in the corridor, and walked, as close as possible to the ground, where the black smoke was less dense. The stairs were located on the far left side of the building, my apartment was on the far right side, where the elevator is located. Once I arrived to the door of the stairs, I grabbed the door handle and burned my hand ( good for me, few days later the pain was gone leaving no scars). The door handle was so hot that it had to kick the door to open it.  The stairway was filled with a dense black smoke. Later one I’ve heard that the stairway was stuck due to either the dense smoke, or some flames.

I realized that it was not possible for me to take the stairs. Moreover I didn’t know where the fire was exactly, so I had no idea wether to go up or down. At that time I remembered I had my "own" emergency exit that was leading on the balcony of my neighbor. So I went back to my apartment ( it was now filled with smoke since I didn't close my door when I left earlier). I arrived to my emergency door, and the damn door was locked !!!. In order to open it, I was supposed to open it and puling it towards me, ( and not pushing it forward) The door handle was so weak that it almost stayed inside my hands. I tried to kick it in order to open it, but the door wouldn’t open, and neither break. At that time I really freaked out, I remember I started to cry. I was thinking what else I could do to escape. I really thought it would be the end for me. I couldn’t go out through the window, there are bars on it, moreover, located on the 3rd floor, it was impossible for me to jump.
I suddenly heard the sound of the fire trucks stopping in front of my building. I went to the window, opened it, broke the filter, and yield at the firefighters exiting their trucks to come and get me. One of them heard me screaming; he grabbed a ladder and installed it in front of my window. As soon as he arrived to my window, I remember the first thing he told me was “Francais or English ?” translated as “French or English ?” Speaking both, I don’t remember witch one I spoke, I just asked him to get me out of here. He was loaded with equipment. I remember seeing three oxygen tanks on his back, a circular saw on his left, and some big hammer on his right. He asked me if somebody else was living in my apartment; and I told me that I was the only one.  Then he told me that I had to leave everything, and climb on the ladder. I was so terrified that I just dropped all my bags ( I wouldn’t have been able to go through with it anyway) and climbed on the ladder. Once one the ground, I realized that the fire was in the unit underneath mine. It took me few minutes to calm down and realize what was happening. That is when I started to take pictures ( that you can see in the previous post) 

The Red Cross took care of me, they gave me a blanket ( because it was relatively cold outside at that time ) and some socks. They took us inside one of their bus and gave us food and drinks.
125 firefighters were there, and it took them four hours to control the fire, they did all they could for the buildings next to mine not to be damaged by the fire. Two firefighters were injured in this incident, but they are still alive. Nobody else except those two brave firefighter were injured. Only and old lady who was living in the same building as mine inhaled smoke (they took her to the hospital right after).

I’ve been sleeping at my friend apartment for ten days now. My school, Concordia University, took good care of me. They offered me the possibility to drop all my classes. They also offered me a room in their dorms, where I could stay for free till this summer, a free lawyer from school and some money ( $1500 ). They also gave me back all my books, and school supply for free. Apparently we were three students from Concordia in this building, I remember also that one guy sitting next to me in the red cross’s bus was in McGill University. Probably there were couple students from McGill too, since it is closer to my apartment than Concordia University is.

Today I found a new place, and I also got a new computer. Now I have to restart my life from scratch, and I thank God I am still alive.


Dina said...

Oh Jean-Charles, I cry even just to read your dramatic story. I thank God for saving your life and for all those who now help you.
Good luck in your new beginning.
Shalom to you from Dina

Zsolt72 said...

I just found what happened to you:( Its really terrible and you are so strong that you can think of new start immediately! I wish you all the best Jean-Charles!


Wendy said...

I just came over via a note on the main blog. So sorry to hear of what's happened to you and the loss of your stuff. You made it out with the most important thing of all - your life, and the few important items you were able to save. It must of been a terribly frightening experience for you to go through. And, I bet the firefighter at your window was one of the most welcomed sights you've seen in a long time. A hero sent to rescue you from what could of been a much different outcome, without him.

I hope you can view your new start in life as exciting - a chance to carry into it your most important values, and lesson's learned from past experience.

Kelly said...

I came very close to crying when I read your story. Thank you for sharing the details. I am glad to hear you are being well taken care of, and "starting over." I will keep you in my prayers.

• Eliane • said...

Wow, that was really close. You were very lucky indeed. I salute you for keeping your cool through all this. Glad you are getting some help to get back on your feet. Que d'émotions! Allez, courage et tiens bon!

Nathalie said...

Quelle aventure! La photo du 5 avril est spectaculaire.

Thanks for all the details. I hope you manage to get back on tracks fairly quickly. I'm glad you got some assistance but a fire in your home is a terribly traumatic experience.

Ken said...

I am deeply saddened by what happened but you are safe that is the most important thing. You are young and in time this will be just a bad dream.
I sincerely wish you all the best.

~tanty~ said...

I just found out what has happened to you. I'm so sorry to hear that. Thanks God you're ok.

R&R in The Netherlands said...

Good luck with getting back to the day-to-day. Our apartment building burned down 17 years ago, but I can remember it as if it were yesterday. Although it's tough, you have to be happy that you're ok.

Denton said...

You lived everyone's nightmare. I am so glad you have lived to share the story. Thank goodness for firefighters, the red cross, and the kindness of Concordia University.

mirage2g said...

Stay strong, good that you still see it in a good way, you are still alive and many are offering help. let us know if you still need something, as I don't know how to reach you from where I am...


I just found out what happened to you and I feel really really sorry. I just wanted to wish you good luck for this new - and forced - start.

Gumrat said...

This is my first visit to your blog, Jean-Charles (I came from the front page of CDP)- reading your story gave me goosepimples (chair de poule), but as you say, thank God you're alive :-) Good luck in your new home, with your new computer. Glad to see you're determined to carry on blogging..

Tout de bon, et bon courage,
Anne in Geneva.

Jilly said...

You wrote your story so brilliantly - I can smell the smoke and feel everything you went thru. You were so brave. I've so glad you've had help from your college and friends but I'm so sorry you had to go through all this. Adversity makes us all stronger so look at it positively, which I know you are doing. It'll make a great chapter in your autobiography when you are rich and famous!

You have courage - thanks for writing your story.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

I have only now found out about this frightening episode in your life. Thank God indeed that you were not injured (other than your burnt hand)and that you have your life.

I'm very happy to read this update and to see that you have found a new place to live and have received such kindness from your friends and university.

I must admit that I had to smile at realising that you had the presence of mind to take photos of the scene. :)

CrazyCow said...

I'm really sorry to hear of your misfortune, and at the same time am very pleased you are alive and unharmed.

I can't imagine how difficult it must be to have to restart your life from scratch.

I wish you a speedy recovery from this situation.

Thiên said...

Hello Jean-Charles. I hope you and the other residents are doing okay. I saw the news on the front page of the CDP and I was so touched by what happened to you all. You will be in my thoughts and I am very glad you got out okay. Take care.

Uma por Dia said...

It is really terrible what happened to you! Wish you the best!

Hyde DP said...

my continued best wishes - the fireman is indeed a hero.

mery said...

je suis bien contente de voir que ca va mieux pour toi.
Bonne chance pour la suite et bon shopping pour tout te racheter meme si tu n aime pas ca.

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