Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Theme of the day : water

What a weird weather today. First when I left home, the sky was cloudy, but it was not raining. Then in the middle of the day it's been raining, and finally, tonight around 6 pm, it was sunny with a clear blue sky. As you can guess, I took this picture in the middle of the day, when the rain was present. On my way to the Loyola campus, while sitting on the bus listening my music, I could see some students looking at me and talking at the same time. I realiszd that something was going one but I didn't realise what until I received a drop of water on my head. Some water was leaking from the roof of the bus, right onto my shoulder. Anyway, it was the little story of today, by the way, if you wonder where I took this picture, I took it on the Loyola campus of Concordia University in NDG. 


mery said...

speciale la photo, et la "douche" c etait bien?
Pour la musique a chaque fois que je l entends je pense a toi. Tu l a tellement ecouter quand on etait a la maison que maintenant c est ta musique!

baby lyu said...

hey, i am really worrying about you right now. r u ok? give me a call asap.