Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Security Officer on Facebook

One more time, I can see what the money of my tuition is used for. This security officer of Concordia University is checking his Facebook account instead of looking at the monitors. For those of you who don’t know; Facebook is a social networking website mostly used by college students. I had to take this picture quickly because there was a camera monitoring the entrance of the security office, and my guess is that we are not allowed to take pictures of the inside. Today it's snowing in Montreal and I can tell you, that’s a good thing. The temperatures a little warmer, compared to the -19 of yesterday, and the sidewalks are slipping one more time... so if you are like me (always slipping even with your big winter shoes) watch out!

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mery said...

Et oui tu sais ou tes sous partent!!
Remarque tu ferai surement la meme chose a sa place