Sunday, January 6, 2008


This weekend, many people were out shopping, especially now that the temperatures are a little warmer. The snow is melting, and it makes it easier for everybody. As I was walking in the Old Montreal, most streets, restaurants or bars were packed. Very few were empty, like this one. This weekend has been very busy for me moving in furniture in my new apartment. Glad that I’m finally done with that. I hope that most of you enjoyed your weekend. For those of you living in the Montreal area, start to take out your t-shirts and shorts because next week is going to be hot. It is expected to be 11°.

1 comment:

Baby Lyu said...

I like this picture.

Is it really gonna be 11 celsius?

You must be tired for moving, so sorry I couldn't help you... But I am happy because you are happy~~ ^^

Have a good week!!!!