Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Loyola Campus

Here is the other campus of Concordia University. About 15 minutes away from the active and crowded Sir George Williams downtown campus. For those that prefer to study in a quite environment, this campus is perfect for them. So far I have been there once, and I didn't see more than 15 students walking outside. I think if I would be there, alone, at night, I would be scared. Kidding, anyway, just to tell you that this campus was originally a French-language Jesuit school founded in 1848. To see more pictures of the campus, click on my More about Me site.


baby lyu said...

the building looks good with snow~~ ^^
I am sticking in the computer lab. I found a good computer lab here... So I will try to be here often..

mery said...

c est clqire que la nuit ca doit faire peure!!!!!!