Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Montreal Skyline

Today the snow was back again in Montreal. This time I think the t-shirts and shorts you took out last week, it is time to put them back in your closet until next summer. I believe the winter has arrived for good. Sidewalks are one more time very sleepy. I experienced it today, while running to the subway station on the downhill St-Urbain street, I slipped on an ice plate and felt on my right elbow ( It’s the second time that it happens to me since I’m here ). I remember seeing quickly as I stood back up a little smile on the face of a black woman at the bottom of the street. A good thing is that both my camera and my computer were not damaged, so I can continue this blog. On this picture, the top left building is called the Place Ville-Marie, a 46 stories tower. On the rooftop there is a rotating beacon that lights up at night, illuminating the sky with four white horizontal beams that can be seen as far as 50 km away.

1 comment:

mery said...

j aurai bien voulu te voir tombé, ca a dut etre marrant! hi hi hi je rigole rien que d y penser!
Pour la photo elle est belle et la vu doit etre belle en haut de l immeuble.