Saturday, June 28, 2008

TD Canada Trust

I really like the advertisement promoting this bank ( my bank by the way ). I took it after using their ATM. It's really something you can only see in North America. An advertisement saying that "their product/service" is the best, or better than an other one, saying out loud the name of the other company. On this one, it is said that this bank ( Canada Trust ) is "Open earlier. Open later. Open longer than any other bank in Canada". I remember once hearing while living in Seattle an advertisement from a sandwich company. And it really surprised me to hear something like that. I forgot which of two company between Subway and Quiznos was being promoted. Basically, this advertisement was saying that their sandwich was better and healthier, with more meet/vegetables/dressing, etc.... than the ones from the other sandwich company. I feel like it can be unfair sometimes. I just hope that whatever is said in those kind of advertisement is true. There is absolutely no way you will hear or see something like that in Europe, it is prohibited by the law.

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