Thursday, June 26, 2008

Concordia's Library

Check out all those books. I rarely take out books from the library, I usually use the internet to find all my information. One thing I don't like about Concordia's library, are the detectors when you exit the library. So far, I've only seen happening to very few students, but I'm one of them and that's bugging me. The detectors are so powerful, that even when go through with some of your own books that you purchased at the book store, the alarm goes off. Also, when the alarm goes off, the door locks itself so that you can not run away. Once I remember, I was studying at the library, and I realized that I had class in 5 minutes. Quickly I gather my things, pack up and run out of the library. One my way out, I totally forgot about those darn detectors. Suddenly, as I ran in between the detectors, the alarm goes off, and the door locks itself ! Ouch ! that hurts to walk straight into a locked door. Now I buy photocopied books for $35 to some Chinese around school, and that does the trick. That was my little story of the day. Have a good one everybody !


Kris McCracken said...

A very ‘ordered’ photograph. I love the library. This looks much like the main one at the University of Tasmania.

Kelly said...

I really like this shot!

Ineke said...

great shot!