Monday, June 2, 2008

Fire Trucks on Guy Street

Oh boy ! I was suddenly scared today as I was walking back home from school. I saw those fire trucks stopping at the intersection of Guy and Lincoln streets, right where I live. I'm glad the incident did not happen in my building apartment. Have a good Monday every body. Oh, and by the way, I totally nailed my math mid term, I got a 30/30 !


• Eliane • said...

Hey, your heroes are back! A good thing it was just for this photo.
Congrats on your midterm!

Kelly said...

Oh no! Not another fire, was my first thought when I saw this on the portal. Congratulations on your exam!

mery said...

quand meme ca ne peut pas arriver 2 fois a la meme personne que le feu se propage dans son immeuble ou alors tu n a vraiement pas de chance
félicitation pour tes maths