Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Gas Guzzling Car

Oh my god, I've just put $ 70 of fuel in my gas guzzling car, and the tank wasn't even empty. Are we heading towards a third oil crisis ? I hope not. All over the world people are complaining about the high gas prices. Fishermen, truck drivers and other profession depending on oil are one strike all over France. I remember reading in the news, about a week ago, that police officers, somewhere in Georgia, have established a "gas-fee" for every speeding tickets they give in order to pay for their fuel. I took this picture from my window apartment located at the 14th floor.


baby lyu said...

hm.. when did you take this picture?

Kelly said...

I had a similar experience recently too. Our monthly gas consumption has gone from about $125 per month to over $400 over the past few years.

I believe that prices will continue to climb, because there are now other major consumers that are beginning to rival the U.S. demand for oil. Two examples are India and China. Supply and demand will continue to drive these increases well into the future.