Monday, February 4, 2008

Ice cream scoop chairs

As promised, here is a picture of the inside of the Gogo Lounge. When I walked in front of the place this afternoon, it was the first time I could see it empty. Well, it's normal, as I showed up there at 2 pm, and I believe there are not many people at that time of the day in such place. Or maybe it was because everybody was staying home today after watching the Superbowl yesterday night. The bars on St Laurents were packed of people yesterday night. All of them were watching the final where the New York Giants won 17 to 14 against the New England Patriots. I realized that many Canadians were into football. To come back to the Gogo Lounge, inside is decorated in great psychedelic colors and funky cool furnitures like those colorful red ice cream scoop chairs. The menus are written on old vinyl records and the cocktails have cool names like Pussycat, Kryptonite and Captain America. There are at least 25 Martini specials to choose from in a retro music ranging from the 70s funk to the 80s new wave.

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mery said...

ca a l aire bien marrant la dedant