Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Bell Telephone Co. of Canada

This is the entrance of the Bell Telephone Company of Canada located on Ontario W street in downtown Montreal. This old and modern building symbolizes the company by itself. I'm about to unfold a funny story that happened to me. While I was shooting some pictures of the building, one of the workers was exiting the building. He came towards me and told me that it was forbidden, here in Canada, to take pictures of important Canadian companies. With a serious voice, he told me " Hey, this is not just any kind of company, this is Bell Canada !". After at least 2 minutes of complaining, he finally stopped making fun of me and told me that it wasn't true. With a smile on his face, he told me to continue taking pictures, and with politely left after wishing me a happy end of day. I like when people come and talk to you, even if it's to make this kind of jokes. People here are warm, and don't hesitates to talk to strangers in the street. I could see the same thing in both Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC. To see more pictures of this building entrance, click on the link More about Me.

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mery said...

C est pas en suisse ou en france que ca arriverait!